Friday, May 1, 2015, 12:13 PM

Washington Post Spotlights Womble Carlyle Client Union Kitchen Grocery

The corner store is a staple of the urban landscape. But Union Kitchen Grocery founders Jonas Singer and Cullen Gilchrist think the corner store should offer healthier fare than just chips and candy bars.
So on May 4th, Singer and Gilchrist will open Union Kitchen Grocery at 538 Third St. NE in Washington, D.C. Union Kitchen will carry fresh produce and local products, giving neighborhood residents more and healthier food choices. The store grew out of the Union Kitchen food incubator focused on growing food businesses by providing members with the kitchen, catering opportunities, distribution services, access to partnered businesses, discounted vendors, marketing, and facility maintenance.
The Washington Post recently profiled Union Kitchen, and Singer and Gilchrist’s plans to expand the concept to other D.C. neighborhoods. Womble Carlyle’s Impact Economy Team is working with Union Kitchen to help the company achieve its business and social goals.

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