Tuesday, June 9, 2015, 2:18 PM

Fund Good Jobs Receives $1 Million Grant from S.H. Cowell Foundation

Good news for a good cause.
The S.H. Cowell Foundation has awarded Fund Good Jobs with a $1 million Recoverable Grant. This money will help high-need businesses in the Bay Area that are committed to creating good jobs for people who face barriers to employment. Fund Good Jobs and its founding organization, Inner City Advisors, also received a $200,000 operating grant from the S.H. Cowell Foundation.
Fund Good Jobs understands that low-wage, low-skill jobs aren’t sufficient to lift families out of poverty. So the Oakland-based organization works with local entrepreneurs to create better jobs for people who need them.

The S.H. Cowell Foundation works to improve the quality of life of California children living in poverty by providing grants to strengthen families and communities.
Click here to read more about Fund Good Jobs at Forbes.com.


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